A Love turned into Swimwear

Nothing is more beautiful than a love that flourishes. And the love of two sisters for fashion gave rise to the birth of the Fellys Collin Brand in 2019. The brand name refers to nicknames that our father affectionately uses since we were children, which allows us to honor him for all his help and teachings and always reminds us of how family was essential in the fulfillment of this dream.

Our brand arises from the constant difficulty of finding consistent, modeling swimwear, perfectly adjustable to any type of body and yet in complete harmony with the current fashion trends, not only to supply our customers with maximum excellence but also make them feel confident.

When designing our products, we are driven by requirement: we use only high-quality materials, exclusive patterns and a carefully created design with the main aim of providing comfort and elegance to all the clients who visit us to accompany them in some beautiful dives.

At Fellys Collin we look for, above all, to offer you timeless products, with models and colors that never go out of style. Our swimwear products are marketed exclusively online for the national and international market and are aimed for women of all ages, essentially those who seek incessantly to be well with themselves and their bodies.